Nexus 5: WI-FI connects, and phone Restarts, why?


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Nexus 5: WI-FI connects, and phone Restarts

I have been having an issue with my phone. Basically once I toggle WI-FI to "ON" and the phone connects to local WIFI network, it automatically Freezes, and the phone Restarts. If I turn on WIFI but the phone didn't connect to any local WIFI network, it does not Freeze or Restart. Freezes only when connects.

If I want to turn "OFF" WI-FI, I toggle to "OFF" and the button grays out as it's OFF, but in reality the WIFI signal is still on.

I did factory reset and downgraded from 5.1 to 4.4 and it has been happening on both version.

Oh, the phone also gets hot in the area where the Camera is located.

Please help out, I currency have no other solutions in mind. Many thanks!