Nexus 7 2012 touch screen not working, how can I fix it?


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Nexus 7 2012 Touch Screen Not Working

Hi guys ;

I bought nexus 7 2012 from an online shopping site .(Warranty was not there)
It ran good couple of months. Then I got an udate from jelly bean to Kitkat.Unfortunately the update was not sucessful , the device got bricked , after a lot of googling I somehow unbricked the device and installed kitkat manually using some custom tools. After that ,the device worked for couple of weeks then suddely it doesnt respond to touch .

I tried all I could like reconnecting the display ribbon cables ,went to a repairing shop but no use .

Dont know what to do , need your help guys ... please


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Nexus 7 2012 Touch Screen Not Working

What did the repair shop tell you?

The problem with diagnosing it here is that it could be the motherboard, the firmware or the digitizer, and we can't get any closer to a diagnosis online.

SAngeeth Sunil

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Mar 5, 2014
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The Repair guys told me that its software problems . They told me to go to Asus service centre .

But when I contacted Asus service centre they told me that it'll cost approx $ 225 to repair (Warranty not included )

Pls Help