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Breohnna Thompson

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Jan 10, 2013
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Yesterday , i received a HTC Sensation from ebay and i factory it , and installed my Sim Card and SD card. It was working fine. I personalized it and downloaded a few apps then i got a notification for an update . When i tried to update it the red triangle with exclamation point popped up about 2 seconds into installing.When i took the battery out and turned the device back on there was no home screen. It was just black with the notification bar . I finally got to settings and went into personalize again and it crashes the settings. **when i turned the phone back on , i received the report the error to HTC. I've resett the phone mulitiple times and before the date and time can set it crashes sending me to the black screen . i can still recieve messages , use the internet camera and see the lock screen just fine. I cant get to the home screens , update or apps ... please help !! thanks