Question No incommimg calls


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Oct 18, 2023
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I have Xiaomi mi9, in which I have 2 sim cards. On the second, everything is ok - i can call and recieve calls. But on a first one, I am able only to make call and do not see any incomming calls. When someone is calling to me, it rings on his side, but I see no notification of incomming call. Even I do not see it missed calls, like the call mever happend. Any idea what setting to check? DND is off, no forwarding call is turned on, no additional setup. I am pretty desperate, because phone works well...

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! From what I can find, that phone is dual-SIM standby, rather than dual-SIM active. This means you have to manually select which SIM to use for calls. Check your system settings for a SIM toolkit that allows you to select.