No 'View' or 'Save' just Inline for some files in emails


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Sep 2, 2010
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I picked up a Sero 7 Pro Tablet. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

On the Galaxy S3, I have the email split into 'Message' and 'Attachment' and I have options for the attached file.

When I receive an image on the Sero 7 with Android 4.2.1, it sometimes appears inline, and sometimes I get the 'Message and Attachment' option before it appears inline. Eventually and inevitably the 'Message and Attachment' option in the email goes away and the image is only displayed inline. I cannot press and hold the image displayed inline in the email to save it or take any action on it in the email. It is just stuck there without any options to do anything with it.

I think this is strange behavior and am not sure what is going on. And it is different from my Galaxy S3. Also:

1) I cannot find the images displayed inline in the email anywhere on the phone. They do not appear as files in Downloads. Can someone direct me to where I might find them?

2) Tiff images usually only appear inline and do not activate, even transiently, the 'Messages and Attachments' option in the email. Also, the Tiffs appear inline by taking up space in the email, but are not displayed - just the empty rectangle and a question mark. (JPEGs are displayed.) If the system is unable to display it, I am wondering why it is placing it inline on the page in the first place.

3) When I send a .pdf, I get the 'Message and Attachment option, and it remains permanently, and I can choose 'View' and 'Save' and manage the .pdf file like I wish to do with the images, but cannot.

4) Is there a way to turn off inline images display in the Android Email program, or better deal with these issues?

5) Why in the world cannot one press and hold an inline image in an email to manage it?

Thanks in advance.
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