Nokia XL: How to arange contacts in the groups in alphabetical order, and other questions


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Jul 13, 2015
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Hi, folks

Got a Nokia XL, seems the only smartphone without user'manual in the net, and urgently need some help. PLS excuse my english, it's my third language...

1. Succeeded to copy all my contacts from the old "dumb'phone"to the Nokia. and they appeared in alphabetical order. So far, so good. Then started to create groups (my family here& abroad, friends, collegues etc). And here comes trouble-even though I choose then in alphabetical order, in the groups they appear without any logical order: Those with A somewhere in the middle, on tops-those with letters as K,Z, P etc.

Tried to get in the file "contacts" in the phone tru the laptop-cannot find such file or folder.

Any idea how to arrange/rearrange the names in the groups in alphabetical order?

2. Ringtones: Wwen I tried to personalize the ring for a specific contact, after choosing the option "Set Ringtone", a list or ringtones (siplied from Nokia, I presume) shows up, but I don't like them. Downloaded from the net some cooler ringtones for Nokia, which are in the "download" folder (and another one in "Music") and succeeded to pick one of them as "MY"ringtone, instead ot the standard Nokia one. But cannot succeed to set a specific ringtone from the downloaded for specific users. Tried to look for "Ringtones "file/folder"in the phone (tru the laptop, so to add there some downloaded ringtones - cannot do it.

Any idea how to do it?

3. Bluetooth traffic: Succeeded to pair my new Nokia XL with the old phone, and the laptop, and to transfer some stuff. However cannot delete all the received via Bluetooth files, which I see in the menu Bluetooth-received files. Any Idea how to delete them?

4. Arranging picture on the first page (menu...? The one that shows when I open the phone): Transferred succesfully some pics from the old phone and the laptop to the Nokia, and arranged them in 3-4 albums. How can I give a command to the Nokia which specific picture to appear on the first/menu page? For some reason my Nokia pics random pictures every time I try do do something, and cannot understand why so.

TNX in advanse for any help:)