Nonstop "Unfortunately, <process name> has stopped" messages on RAZR M


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Jan 8, 2017
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I have a Droid RAZR M, with Android version 4.4.2. I had chrome open the other day and started to see popups/alerts: "Unfortunately <x> has stopped" where x is one of several different processes. I see these errors non-stop. The phone is pretty much unusable. Some examples of the processes that have stopped:
com.motorola.ccc, Email, Google Play Music,, Homescreen...

My understanding is this type of error is usually limited to a single app and clearing the app-specific cache resolves it in some cases. However, this issue seems much worse as it's impacting multiple processes.

I have tried:
1.) Clearing the System Cache (on startup)
2.) Attempted to clear the cache and data for some apps. I can see that this doesn't actually work for me (I think)... The size of the cache and data does not change after i clear it for an app (ex: chrome).
3.) Clearing the cached Data for all apps in Settings >> Storage >> Cached Data. It's possible this isn't actually working (it's not actually clearing anything)...

The only time I don't see these popups/alerts is for about 1 minute after boot, or when I access the notification pull down menu. Every once in while i get a few seconds to do something before they start again..

I was also going to try do a repair using the Verizon Software Update tool
See However, executing the app resulted in an error, so I put that idea aside for now (couldn't resolve it with Microsoft's suggested fix). BTW the error was CreateProcess failed; code 193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

I'd really like to get the phone working without a factory reset.



Jan 8, 2017
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Unfortunately this may not be the solution for you. But once I had the exact problem with my LG phone and I flashed a stock ROM. Then after that, everything was fine. :)

I think you should try to flash a stock firmware. Since I don't own a motorola phone, I cannot tell you the exact ways. But youtube will help you I think. :)

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