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Note 4 (5.0.1) Fingerprint Lock Loop


New member
May 7, 2012
Here is the senario:
  1. Sompe app is open that accepts input (most readily happens when Facebook is open, but not limitied to that at all).
  2. Phone goes to sleep (locks screen).
  3. I attempt to unlock it (with my fringerprint).
  4. It neither unlocks, nor does it give me an error (as it typically does whenthe fingerprint is misread, etc).
  5. The screen goes black (regardless of what buttons are pressed, etc).
  6. I attempt to reacitvate the screen (with the home or the power button).
  7. For just a second, the screen will flash the unlocked display (usually with a crash message abut the Google App, but sometimes a message about the other app I was using).
  8. The lock screen displays again after < 1 second, and the loop continues.
  9. The only way to escape the loop at this point is to reset the device.
    [*]That only works when you hit the "OK" button during the split second that it displays.​

This issue has rendered my phone nearly unusable, but it seems to be a software issue. Has anybody run into this one before? I haven't had 5.1.1 pushed to my handset yet, nor am I sure I want to update when I do. If it will fix this though, I'll give it a go.

Basically, to avoid losing data, I have to keep my phone awake until I finish what I'm working on. That eats the battery though (because "Note 4"). I will not be able to answer a call when this happens either, it won't even ring or show a missed call. It's like the call ust didn't happen.

I haven't figured out how to reproduce the issue consistently, it only happens when an app is open that accepts input, and something has been typed (to my recollection).