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Note 8/S9+ vs Mate 10 Pro


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Feb 3, 2015
I asked this in the Samsung thread but wanted to ask it here as well. For any of you that converted to the Mate 10 Pro from either of the two what made you switch? Also, any regrets?

I've been doing extensive research on the Mate 10 Pro and I'm thinking I'm going to buy it to try out (coming from a note 8). From what I gather, it's not as bloated as Samsung and quite frankly, I'm getting a bit bored with the Samsung UI.

Also wanted to ask about OS and security updates. Are they timely?


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Oct 22, 2012
I switched from the Note 8 to the Mate 10 Pro and I'm more than happy. I jump between phones a lot (2-3months). I usually jump between all the Galaxy S series and the iPhones but last year I switched from the s8 to the P10 to try something a bit different and that was the first phone in years I've kept for longer, almost a year in fact. It was just a great all round phone. Then I got the Note 8, loved that and do still miss some things about it. It has everything and the kitchen sink thrown in software and hardware wise but I do love the Mate 10 Pro just a tiny bit more overall. Despite that I'd still say the S9+ is a better phone but it's also far more expensive so that needs to be factored in. I was thinking of going for that next until the Huawei P20 Pro was announced yesterday and that's 120% my next phone and I won't even consider the S9+ now.
I strongly advise you to try a Huawei device in a store before buying one if you've never tried one before. The software isn't for everyone and people either love it or hate it so best to be sure before parting with your cash.
As for updates they're not the quickest but not bad either. Huawei have a quarterly update schedule so every 3 months normally. Not bad considering my Note 8 was 6 months behind with Security updates when I switched.

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