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Oct 10, 2018
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Hi all, new to Android and just got a P20 pro. Having a few issues with notifications.

1) on my iPhone I could have a notification come up from what’sapp on my lock screen with the name of who sent me a message but not message preview. Ie ‘1 new message from John’ It seems on here I can either have no info other than a new WhatsApp message but no name, or the name and message preview. Is there a way to just have the notification come up as ‘1 new message from John’ so I know who is sending but you can’t read any preview of the message on my lock screen?

2) On my gmail app for example I would have the red badge on the icon if I had any unread emails. This only now seems to come up when I have a new one, not if I have one from yesterday for example but haven’t read it yet. The red dot was a good way to remind me I still had unread emails. Is this the same?

3) and finally! Can I edit the badge at all? Like on iPhone where the number on the badge told me how many new notifications there were it multiple?

Thanks so much for any help!


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Aug 23, 2018
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1) your options on the lockscreen are unfortunately limited by EMUI 8.1. You'll have to decide whether to go with all or nothing.

2 and 3) I believe the badge count and whether it's a number or just a dot is handled by the launcher. For example I am using SqureHome2 and it is through the launcher settings that I can set the email badges to relate to either unread or new messages and whether to show a number or just a plain dot. Android doesn't really do badges that well in general though. There seems to be a preference to rely on notification banners, which can get messy once they start queuing up.

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