Nova Prime Launcher and Fingerprint Scanner not working!


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Aug 5, 2019
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Just to be clear. Nova is the admin, using gesture lock with Prime launcher will lock the phone but the issue is when Nova locks the screen via gesture fingerprint doesn't work from the OS. Allowing the screen to time out or to power lock is using the OS lock and fingerprint will work as that is Marshmallow. It is a fight between the programs to have control over screen control. Either Nova or OS but it seems not both. I have uninstalled, rebooted, and tried OS as screen admin, which takes away from Prime as a launcher for knock or any gesture and this issue exists. The only way that gesture lock works correctly for fingerprint scanner is with the Marshmallow OS. If I gesture lock using Prime I have to unlock with my OS code. Seems to me Nova needs to find a way to allow the program to integrate somewhat to allow screen gesture lock to depend on the phone OS. If someone can gesture lock (like with knock) using Nova Prime and then fingerprint unlock please let me know because all the threads I have read no one can do this sequence successfully except for what mdyer101 stated.

>Nova Prime is the screen admin for full feature use of the program.
>Gesture lock using Nova Prime particularly knock knock.
>Unlock successfully using fingerprint scanner.
>I would love to be wrong and know there is a specific setting to allow it all to work together not something turned off to allow this. That takes away from the paid feature in my book. Staying stock for now.

Download "Smart Screen On Off(New)" free app from LuuTinh Developer.

Double tap off
Fingerprint on
Mission complete.

Simply, dl app, allow all the regular stuff,
Make sure to scroll down to "Utilities Features" and click on "Show clear view"

Hope this helps