Official HTC ICS (After the upgrade questions..)


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Mar 20, 2011
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Greetings all. A couple of quick questions about the official ICS update. It has been stated that the the new ICS apps launcher bar at the bottom of the home screen is fully customizable (meaning you can place whatever links you want there), but does this mean that I could remove the "all apps" link which shows at the center of that area on the photo below? I ask because it has also been stated that the lock screen will feature whatever app links that you place on the bottom of your home screen links, but the lock screen can only contain 4 links (right?)


And the sample videos that I have seen of the new official ICS so far would show Phone, mail, folder, and Camera (from the photo above) ignoring the "all apps" link in the center. Can I optionally remove the "all apps" link shown in this photo or is that permanently there in the new ICS?

2nd question is: have any of you had any of your market downloaded apps fail or stop working correctly after upgrading?

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Aug 13, 2011
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I had facebook, of all things, fail to update and load. It reminded me every time i did anything on the phone after the update until i caved again and re-downloaded the stupid app.

I have had an issue with some choppy response on occasion when sending messages.

The major issue I am having since the update is the 'all messages' screen won't finish loading. This was mentioned by another person in the forums. I can choose a contact and send/receive messages then, but cant see all of my new messages screen to see who's sending new ones.

The choppiness has dwindled some since the update a couple of days ago but I'm hoping it gets patched or fixed somehow soon.