Often cant unlock phone via pattern, unresponsive, turns off too fast, program bogging down?


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Jan 23, 2016
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I've got a Galaxy S6 Active.. I have the pattern unlock set.. i'm finding times that i need to power off or restart the phone, because it becomes unresponsive and i cannot unlock it.

Seems that by default the pattern unlock only gives you maybe 5 seconds and if the phone is bogged down it may take 5 seconds for it to let you swipe.

I'm only guessing the phone is bogged down, though i have installed OS Monitor to look at CPU use on the lockscreen, which right now for instance, with no other apps open, is showing 36% cpu use once i turn it on before unlocking.. after unlocking i see about 6-12% on average in use (which seems to match that of a regular s6 i compared to, at least on the after unlock, not sure about before hand).

In the last case i was running spotify and the screen locked, causing mayhem..

Im thinking it might just be a lockscreen app that is doing this.. unsure..

Anyone else had this issue?

Thanks in advance