Oops. Need Help! Android system encryption, too many characters


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Dec 2, 2014
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Well crap! I finally decided to make the jump to encrypt my phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 using the built-in Android encryption.

I was a little disappointed that the password I choose to boot my phone is the same password I use to wake my phone. I either have to choose an annoyingly long password every time I turn on the screen, or an insecure password at boot, because they're one in the same.

I found a genius work around that could separate the passwords and fix the problem, here:
niki.hammler >o< .net/w/index.php?title=Android_Device_Encryption&oldid=14 00
Worked amazing. In a nutshell, it uses Secure Settings/Tasker to change the device PW to a 4-digit pin, and then uses Terminal emulator and "cryptfs changepw" to change only the encryption keyphrase. Couldn't be happier.

One problem has just occurred, however. Using Terminal to change the cryptfs password, I made a bad mistake. I fed it a password that is 17 characters long and it was happy to take it. Turns out, Android only supports 16 characters, so when I reboot my phone, I can only type in 16 characters. I tried entering just the first 16, but it's a no go. I'm completely locked out. No clue what I can do. Please help!

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