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Apr 5, 2010
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(Summary at the bottom if you want to skip my ranting :)

Hey everyone, I'm currently in a painful situation because...I have the opportunity to switch to verizon with 20% off plans, which is fairly significant. I love Sprint, I love the underdog, I love that they try to make their customers happy, and I love that they're working so hard to improve their network. Problem is...right now, it's just practically unusable.

I've been in 7 states in the last month (on complete opposite sides of the country), and my sprint service has ranged from occasionally acceptable to "I might as well not have a cell phone". I don't think I've ever seen more than 2 bars in the last months, and my speeds are normally around 100-600 kbps. I've actually retrained myself to just not expect to use my phone for anything but calls and texts because most of the time...it just won't. Facebook? Ha! Better wait till I get home to read that notification. Hear and interesting fact? Oh I should look that up later when I get home. Need to check the news right now? Let's see if I can find a starbucks with some wifi. My signal always completely dies when I'm inside buildings. My friends next to me with verizon will be pulling up web pages and checking emails while my phone is overheating and burning through it's entire battery just to hold onto a single bar. I've grown used to the fact that if I leave the house, my phone will probably burn through half it's battery by the time I get back, and if I try to use it while out, I better have a charger handy.

I honestly can't even imagine what life would be like having a reliable network...which is percisely what I hear Verizon is. I would never want to pay their prices, but 20% off.....

As for unlimited...with the network the way it is, I physically can't use enough data to make use of unlimited. I have a 1/10th of a GB used this billing period (close to a month) because it's simply...too...slow....to....use....


In August I'm moving to Orlando, and in January I'm either going to be in Orlando or D.C. Can anyone tell me what the sprint situation is like there? Speeds? Building penetration? Coverage? LTE? I can see on the map that tower upgrades are happening there, but I'd love some first hand accounts. Thanks!


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Aug 9, 2010
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I live in Orlando and work at UCF and get about 5-600 speeds normally and occasionally over 1mbs. I've never had an issue with building penetration, except at my house (Sanford) which an airave solved. I just returned my LTEVO (going to try the GS3 before I make a final decision) but when I did have the LTEVO I didn't get an LTE signals at all, so they're obviously some time away from that (later this year).
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