outlook app not syncing contacts to hotmail


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Feb 17, 2017
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Hi, i'm using outlook app for android and i can sync email, calendar and contacts down to my phone ok from hotmail. but if i add a contact to my phone and select the default hotmail account it appears to work. but on the next sync it removes the newly added contact. it appears not to sync contacts upwards but the rest of the mailbox features sync upwards ok i.e. mail and calendar. can anyone advise on how to fix this?

i've gone through all the settings and tried removing and re-adding the hotmail account and it's the same. i've even tried removing and re-adding the outlook app and it's the same.

my details:
outlook app version 2.1.145 (179).
android version 6.0.1
cyanogen OS version 13.1.5-ZNH2KAS7EB-crackling.
cyanogen mod api level Elderberry (5).
phone wileyfox swift.

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Mar 9, 2012
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