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Nov 20, 2022
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Been a OnePlus user for years now and I'm still am for as long as the 9 Pro to keep receiving updates and support.

Maybe I missed this or maybe it still works since our OS is very literally Color OS now but can the Oxygen Updater App still be utilized and thus update downloads from the Oxygen Updater App be applied? Anyone know and if so please let me know if anyone minds. I use a unlocked US OnePlus 9 Pro. There was a fairly large update on the Oxygen Updater App recently which I downloaded through the app as I have always done however I've been unable to locate the actual download and now I am uncertain if the update from the Oxygen Updater App can still be used and or applied to thus that downloaded update be found and it to still work and thus update my 9 Pro. Used to be there was 3 dots located at the top right of the software update page in the actual settings to find its no longer there.

I called OnePlus which I knew better but still did and ended the call incredibly frustrated no differently than I to be with the absolute entire fact that OnePlus to now be OnceWas.

I've searched and attempted to figure out how to locate this update download and it be integrated in settings somewhere but to no avail. Do I or should I retrieve this same update as a APK download and then I believe convert it to a Zip then would I then be able get the 9 Pro to recognize the update and it then to actually work or simply put, any and all updates now are only available when OPPO sends the push to the device in aettings??

Thanks for any help and advice to any or to all that doesn't mind. Thanks.

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