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P20 Pro doesn't FastCharge with third party cable

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I've been using my stock Huawei Fast-charge adaptor and cable since I got my phone and whenever I plugged my phone in it would bring up the charging animation along with a little notification saying "Fast Charging"

But I've recently lost my stock cable and had to buy a new data cable; got one at a nearby store that is a 2.4A data cable which is meant to be fine for fast charging, but when I plug it in I get no notification saying "Fast Charging" along with the charging animation.

My question is: Is the cable fast charging and just not showing the "Fast Charging" because it is not a Huawei cable, or is my phone actually denying it from charging fast BECAUSE it is not a Huawei cable?

I'm still using the Huawei adaptor and the cable I bought is an Orico Type-C Data cable

Aljean Thein

Well-known member
Nov 16, 2016
You need the right cable that supports Huawei supercharge. Better to get the OEM cable from huawei

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