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Sep 5, 2011
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I have had several Palm OS items beginning with the Palm III, Palm V, to the Kyocera Smartphone with the Palm OS, and then several Palm Smartphones with the last being the Palm Centro. Resisted the change since I had accumulated all the programs that I needed and used. Most important to me was the ability to sync the phone to the desktop. Do not like using a phone keyboard of any type. Make my notes on the PC and transfer them to the phone.............that's for me.

Info Select was my major program and was the only reason really to stay with Palm OS. There is nothing like it for organizing notes and data with a free forming data entry and simple search for anything. Still I think of this program and am disappointed that there is nothing that can transfer my data to any Android app.

Still use my PC Palm desktop app to transfer to the Motorola Photon and will stay with that method.

BUT.............where is there a data base for random info to be had on Android which will sync with a desktop app?????????????????????

Have had this new phone for several weeks and find it very interesting and fun to play with but with it all.................I still need to have a substitute for Info Select.

What bothers me at this time is that I am not sure what is running all the time. There does not seem to be an Exist for any program. On the web, change to something else, get a phone call and am I still on that website.....................I have tried to stop as much as possible with my limited knowledge of what is happening............but have not found many that really cares about that.

Well, here I am and ready to learn.............but at my age will I is like the early days of the PC where everyone that writes a program follows what they think is important and each app whats and needs either something off or on and so far it does not make sense. is interesting.......................I will just sit back right now and listen, read and try to learn.

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