Phone getting hot and battery draining quickly when using LTE....


May 19, 2012
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I'm not really sure if this is typical, but just recently I've been in a situation such that I've had no Wifi connection, and about 4-5 minutes after I begin some web browsing (with no other concurrent activity like playing music), the phone gets VERY hot and stays that way until I stop browsing. I also notice the battery draining at about 1-2% per minute while doing this. I can't help but feel that given this phone's specs compared to my old one (Samsung Galaxy SII T-Mobile with 4.5' screen and 1850 mAh battery), something's missing. On that phone, I'd get a good 4-5 minutes out of each % and it would rarely if ever get warm, nevermind hot. I understand T-Mobile's HSPA+ network probably isn't quite as draining as Verizon's LTE network, but something still seems odd. My screen brightness is on minimum with display power saver checked.

Since I've been back on Wifi and have had a chance to test, I can confirm that this only happens while on LTE. I can browse forever on Wifi and the phone doesn't get hot. I also only lose one percent roughly every 5 minutes, which still seems odd since I'd get about 8 minutes per % out of the SGS2 on wifi, but that part, I'm not too concerned with. While on LTE, I wanted to confirm that it was indeed LTE activity that was causing this heat and battery drain and not just the screen, so I took the phone off Wifi, turned on LTE, and kept the screen on for a good 15 minutes, but just idle on the homescreen. No heat, and the battery lasted about 5 minutes before dropping one percent. It seems like it's only when the LTE radio starts getting a workout that the phone really heats up and the battery starts to sink like a stone. When I take a look at what's eating up the battery by percent, the stats dont seem to agree with this test. They still list the screen as the biggest drain by far.

Anyone share this experience? I'd really just like to know if it's typical, or if you think something's wrong with my device.


NOTE: With the battery drain that occurs during LTE usage, I only get maybe around two hours of solid screen-on time. Judging by posts on other forums for phones that have bigger, higher quality screens, and roughly the same size battery (I.E. - HTC DROID DNA), that seems far too low.


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Apr 16, 2011
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Sounds exactly like what I experienced with my Thunderbolt the first week I had it. The solution was to replace the battery. Since that isn't an option on the M, I'd recommend replacing the handset if it's still under warranty.

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J Teezy

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Dec 1, 2012
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Pretty sure that's typical. When I'm at my lake house it happened all the time with my DROID charge since it was constantly in and out of 3g 4G service. Haven't been able to test with s3 yet

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