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phone listed twice in testing menu

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AC Question

phone is a att gophone, zte 831 or maven 2. its my sons, who is most likely on drugs and doesnt like me going thru his phone to see who he is hanging out with. ususally i set up new phones for him, but after he broke last one, i refused to buy another and he says the guy at the att store just gave him this phone for free. yeah right. he is a minor by the way.

so when i go to that 4636 testing menu, under usage, not only does it have phone listed twice with different dates n times last used, but the date range is crazy. some are listed in recent time. as in, today or yesterday, the last week or so. then it has the dec. 31, 1969 date for a handful, now tonight i notice some have a last used date of feb 15, 1970.

found 2 different sets of numbers on a piece of paper, a 4 digit one that works to get into the phone, you have to use it just to start android and again to get into phone. the other is 8 digits. 4 numbers, a dash, then 4 more. ive tried it to login, or for the puk or pku but nothing works. its not for the web acct. a few times when i log in its asked me if i allow stock android phone permission to make phone calls, etc. but i cant see stock android list in apps. any ideas?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Sorry, but we discourage discussions on how to spy on someone else, even if it's a concerned parent. Thread closed.
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