Phone randomly stops syncing Exchange server email on EE mobile data.


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Jan 22, 2017
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Having real issues with my Samsung S7 when syncing with my Exchange server email when using EE mobile data. Every 30 mins or so it completely stops syncing for around 10 mins then starts working again, if I'm on o2 mobile data or wi-fi everything is fine. The strange thing is that at the point when Exchange is not syncing all other data apps work fine (Facebook, internet, BBC news)

This is what I have tried so far -
Reseting the phone completely.
Updated from android 6 to 7 software.
Spoken to my exchange IT - everything appears to be ok.
Spoke to EE and everything appears to be ok.
Changed from Samsung email app to loads of different email apps, still the same.
Put my EE card in another Samsung phone and the email works fine on that second phone.
Played with settings that allow data to run in the background.
Had all APN settings resent from EE.

My phone is a dual SIM phone that I purchased from Asia. The only solution I MAY have just found is that if I fix the EE SIM card to work on 2g ONLY the sync doesn't appear to drop out on my Exchange account (I've just tried this, so far so good, but not proven over a period of time).

Does anyone please have any further suggestions ??


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