Phone screen scramble/flicker issue.

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Hi there! I've got am LG Stylo 5 with an unusual issue.

Essentially, the screen copies and layers over itself and flickers. It looks like someone took a screenshot, put it in Photoshop, made a copy, made said copy semi transparent, and then layered it over the top of the original screenshot except the two don't align. Most of the time it also flickers up and down, and the screen itself is very desaturated and bright.

The screen itself works for touch just fine, and the rest of the phone seems functional. I can use it, i just can't really see what I'm doing due to the text and images layering over itself.

It doesn't do it 24/7, as sometimes its perfectly fine, and other times it only happens after turning on the screen. After anywhere from 2-20 minutes, the layering will fade and I'm left with a usable, but often very pale screen.

I, admittedly, leave my phone screen on for long periods of time occasionally. I used to leave it on overnight playing YouTube some nights to help me sleep when my insomnia got bad, but stopped after the problem ensued. It was also usually charging while being on.

I've tried everything i can think of, including factory reset.

Did I completely ruin the hardware on my screen, or is this salvageable?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! See if it also happens in Safe Mode: If it does, then the screen is probably failing. It's a 4 year-old phone, so this wouldn't be entirely unusual. It's important to make sure any crucial data saved on the phone is backed up or synced somewhere safe, in case the screen completely fails without further warning. Then bring it to a repair shop, or consider upgrading to a newer phone.

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