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Pixel 6 modem question.


New member
Jun 20, 2011
Am I the only one worried about the rumor that says it won't have a Qualcomm modem ?

What good is a phone that suffers from weak reception ? For business user's like myself not much.

The main reason I don't use the p5 is the wonky reception compared to my s21 and my ip 12.


New member
Jul 15, 2010
I'm curious on how it will work but not sure of your reasoning. (I have NO idea how the reception is on the pixel 5, I don't have one.)

If I'm not wrong the Pixel 5 had an integrated modem with the Qualcomm 765G cause it was thought an integrated modem would use less power. So not sure how that fact helps or does not help qualcomm if the reception is bad.

And from what I have read the the 6 will have a Samsung 5G modem and so far, only qualcomm has been used for 5g networks inside the USA so that could be a problem. And I noted that before on another thread but most don't seem to care. But only time will tell.

But I look at the 6 as being just another design to a samsung phone, thus making me wonder if a S22 might be a better bet if I want to change. And being a natural born skeptic, I always believe in NOT Being first to jump into a purchase of an untried item ranging from a new engine in a vehicle down to a small hand held smart phone.:)