Pixel 6 Pro turning off WiFi, won't find networks until reboot.


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Jun 16, 2023
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A very recent problem, maybe 3 weeks is that when I get home my Pixel 6 Pro will turn off WiFi.

When I notice that it's off, I'll turn it back on and it won't be able to find ANY networks. If I reboot it, WiFi comes back up and it recognizes my home network.

This only started recently, last few weeks, and I noticed I got an update MAYBE around the same time? I noticed because my theme (Style) changed from a custom one to green without asking me, but it says the update is originally from May 5th when I go to System -> System Update.

This is really obnoxious because it's made me use up all my data for the month without knowing it. It literally happened as I was typing this, I was on WiFi and then now it says "No other networks available" while searching WiFi and finding nothing.

When I go to "Network and Internet" and then "Internet" the Wi-Fi is unchecked even if I check it in the drop down. Network preferences are set to "Wi-Fi turns back on automatically". "Switch to mobile data automatically" is off.

Any ideas? Is this happening to anyone else?