Pixel 8 Pro - Focus point (circle) is displayed constantly in 12MP mode - not in 50MP mode?


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Nov 10, 2023
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Hello, I am a completely new Pixel 8 Pro user. So far I have used Sony Xperia devices from the 1 series.

On the Pixel 8 Pro I'm having a lot of trouble displaying the focus area:
In 12MP mode, the focus field (circle) is constantly displayed to me and remains on the focused object - this is what I know from the Xperia1 devices and every other autofocus camera I have used so far.
But in 50MP mode, the focus field only appears very briefly after I tapped on the corresponding area - then it immediately disappears again and I can no longer see which area the (auto) focus is on.

Why does the autofocus and focus area behave so differently in 50MP mode than in 12MP mode?

Is this a feature whose purpose I don't understand... or is it a bug... or do I not understand how to use it?

I would be grateful for tips, ideas or sources where I can find further information.

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Aug 14, 2012
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Yeah you're right. In 50mp mode, the autofocus circle appears then disappears instantly. Even after I tap again on the screen to force the focus circle, it just disappears again.

Not sure why it behaves like it. I'm guessing it's a bug as it doesn't disappear in the 12mp mode. Guessing it'll be fixed in a future update.
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