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Feb 16, 2019
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Can someone please help me? I use Google one to backup my data, including apps. It's always backed up all of them. But recently, the past 2 or 3 backups have only backed up about a third of my apps. Anyone have any advice? Its so frustrating. I've tried going into my apps and making sure they're all enabled, but that doesn't help. Can anyone give me any advice please?


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central forums. Unfortunately I don't use Google any longer to back up my data, it's become too expensive, and I see that several people have looked at your thread and passed it up. It could be that your post is too vague so let's start with some questions.

What device do you have?

How are you judging that so few apps have been backed up? Is it possible that it is only backing up apps that have changes and depending on the last backup for those that have not updated?

Are these automatic backups? What happens if you manually backup?

If you delete a previous backup and perform a manual backup does it then do a full backup?

Do you have the option to save x number of backups and then overwrite/delete the oldest backup, or does it overwrite each one each time? I probably should have asked that earlier.

Have you considered or tired using a different backup method/service? If you've tried another did that service perform as expected? There are several free backup services/apps on the Play Store and many of them backup more than stock Google. Not saying you should switch just mentioning you have options as an FYI.

Are you close to your data limit with Google? Like I mentioned earlier they are pricy and have cut back on the amount of storage they are offering.

Has your device had any major updates recently or since you've noticed this issue? Perhaps doing something like clearing your cache partition could help. As for app caches and other unwanted data clutter there are several apps on the Play Store to help clean that up. You don't say what device you have but Samsung offers a reasonable backup service that I have not heard many complaints about and if you upgrade to another of their devices switching may be easier. Other manufacturers may offer their own as well.

There are little pieces of advice in there that may help or spark something for you but answering these questions for us may help you get you answers too. Plus this comment will move you back up to the top of the list meaning more people will have a chance to see it and chime in hopefully.

Best wishes.