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I need a polarizing filter to cut down on the glare when photographing my cuckoo clocks with my Note 9. They look great (love this phone!), but could be better. From what I understand I can't use the clip-ons due to the dual lens. What other option do I have?


Jul 14, 2011
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Ummm not true, you can use the clip on ones as long as you know which lens you're gonna use. If you clip it into the 2x one and it's not meant for it, your image will be distorted and viceversa. Just make sure you're using the right accessory onto the right lens and you should be good.


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Jan 11, 2014
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I've used clip on lenses with the Note 8. They only work with the main lens, if I try on the telephoto the lens frame covers the main camera and the phone thinks the environment is pitch black and won't switch over to the telephoto because there isn't enough light.

Be careful which lens you buy, a lot of the cheap ones aren't meant for the newest phones that have wider apertures and cause terrible vignetting in the corners.