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Possible fix for the yellow screen issue


New member
Nov 7, 2014
Someone brought up the yellow tint again today. This may be something to try:

The Twilight app is designed to change the tint of your screen towards red (low temp) at sunset, and back to normal at sunrise. The native blue (high temp) of electronic displays is disruptive to the sleep cycle, and this app is designed to help with that.

When I explained it, I posted screen shots from the extremes of the temps the program can apply. To make it obvious, I turned the intensity waaaaaay up from the 10% I use. Oddly, at high temp/high intensity, the screen doesn't turn towards blue as expected. As you can see, it tints very yellow.

So it occurred to me, you folks that are bothered by a yellow tint might be able to use the app. Set it to "always on" instead of the default sunrise/sunset on/off. Then, play with the temp and intensity to see if it works. Again, turn the temp towards the low end. It's important to set the intensity in the 10% range to start. The color change is barely perceptible down there, and you probably only need a subtle change to get rid of the tint.

I'd love to hear if this works. I don't see the yellow, so cannot test for myself. Screenshot_2015-02-05-10-01-33.jpgScreenshot_2015-02-05-10-01-46.jpg


New member
Apr 28, 2012
This is good for anyone to get the color temperature how they like.

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