Power button override whilst in Pocket?

simon carter

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Jan 8, 2013
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Just looking for what, theoretically is a simple app - But please read my full explanation....

  • I disable the screen to put my phone in my pocket.
  • I pocket my phone.
  • I bend over or twist at the waist and the power button (on the top of the HTC One V) is re-enabled, thus swithcing the phone back on.

So, I don't want to turn the phone completely off, nor do I need an app (proximity or tap tap for instance) that just turns the screen off. No. I would like an app that temporarily, during 'pocket mode' that overrides the power button and probably the volume rocker, but where you can re-eanble the phone by some other means, foul or fair, when needed. Its just so irritating to pocket the phone only for it to repeatedly chime on, and sometimes off, then back on again (I do an active job) in your pocket etc.

Sorry, I am not a techy so how this would be resolved I do not know - but those, I think, are my requirements. What say you firends in the droidosphere?