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Aug 5, 2023
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Hello everyone, lately I found myself struggling to wake up when the alarm goes off. I installed the alarmy app and it worked great until my lazy ass foud that I can restart my phone to shut off the alarm. So, my question is, is there any app that cand lock me out of restarting my phone? I would pick a friend to chose my password so I don't know it and I doubt I will stand with the phone near my ears for 30 seconds to brute force a restart without waking up. Thanks a lot for your time!


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central forums. I think you might be hurt on this one. If you're already willing to turn the device off and restart it to silence the alarm I'm not sure there's anything that you won't learn to by-pass. My best advice would be to set multiple alarms. From one snoozer to another this was my go-to because I would hit snooze in my sleep and go through 3, 4 alarms before getting up. Plus it gave the ability to pick how long between alarms which was important to me. Anyway, this is the by far the easiest to learn, you always have your device with you, its easy to set a daily, weekly schedule. The only other thing you might try is something like a smart outlet or light bulb that you can turn on with Bixby or Assistant routines. These things would require waking action to reverse, not that restarting your device isn't a waking action, but they would require you to open an app find the button/toggle and by that time is it really worth not just getting up???

For what it worth, my 2 cents.

Best wishes though.