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Problem after upgrade - work as designed ?


New member
Apr 21, 2017
Hi everyone,
I hope I post this is the right place.
I recently upgraded Huawei Nova to EMUI5, the official release, and I have a problem that I emailed to Huawei support and after ther asked for factory reset (without any positive result) they said that actually it's a work-as-designed thing for Nova. But I really doubt this so maybe someone here can confirm if they have the same situation...

Problem: After upgrade, the sms menu doesn't show the contact icon anymore. This happens both in sms list and in each sms conversation. It should show either a generic image or the contact picture (if available). I am attaching several screens from Nova and a P9 (both running EMUI5/Android 7) so you can understand exactly what I mean. Nova displays wrong in my opinion, P9 displays correctly.
I hope the description is clear. Any feedback is appreciated.


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