Problem connecting multiple bluetooth microphone with my android App


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We are working on an Android application and we have some difficulties in this application, for this we need your help. The scopes of this application are following

The application takes audio input from a Bluetooth microphone and plot graph dynamically showing the decibel value. At the same time audio sound from Bluetooth microphone should be routed through the wired headset connected.
Also in this application there are six channel. The user can switch over from one channel to another. Each of this six channel can connect to different six Bluetooth microphone.

The following are the Hardware specifications :

Bluetooth Microphone:-

1) Profile used is Hands Free Profile(HFP).
2) Works as normal headset, LED indications
- RED & BLUE color are ON - the device is discoverable
- RED color is ON - the device is paired
- BLUE color is ON - the device is connected as audio input.

Android Devices:-

Android Devices running OS 4.2 and above.

The main requirement of this applications ,the user should be able to connect and disconnect the microphones within the application.

From the coding perspective we uses 'getBondedDevices' inbuilt method to get the paired devices in a list, the user can select any one of the devices shown.
With the existing code we are able to connect the Bluetooth microphone ( when it is discoverable) from the application and it takes the audio input using AudioManager classes ,
will plot the graph dynamically and also route the output through the wired headset
But the problem is when we try to connect the second Bluetooth microphone by selecting the another microphone from list showing paired devices. The connections are not established, it is still connected to the previous headset.
Since Android only supports one connected Bluetooth Headset at a time, disconnecting the previous headset connected and connecting to the second headset is not happening.
That is,we are unable to switch to different microphones and take audio input from respective devices.

If you have any solution for the issue mentioned above, Please advise me for the same.