Problems during hard reset.


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Aug 5, 2013
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A few days ago we bought the LG LS855 (Sprint Version) from a friend. We just got around to charging it and realized the battery might be bad as it would shut off a few seconds after charging for a few hours. We decided to do a hard reset as a quick fix, and to erase anything private from friend, and got to another issue. The phone only "turns on" when connected to a charger or when I rig it to another battery. Whenever it "turns on" now we always get the "Recovery Mode" screen and nothing else. At the screen we can move up and down the options but it seems the buttons on the phone don't work (Home, Menu, Search, etc.). So now we are stuck here and we can't hook it up the the PC or anything. Honestly any help is appreciated and I just want to say sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.