Problems since update to Android 8.0 Oreo


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Mar 17, 2011
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My Samsung Galaxy S7 active was recently updated by my carrier, AT&T to Android 8.0.0 and Samsung experience 9.0. Since the update, I have had lots of problems.

For one, Google Photos stops continuously. I have tried force stopping and deleting the cache and files. I have uninstalled updates, rebooted and reinstalled. Nothing works. Other apps stop frequently too. Sometimes the phone gets hot and the battery depletes rapidly. This did not happen before. Closing all apps doesn't always fix it, so I reboot. Overall battery life is about 2/3 of its pre-upgrade life.

My son has the exact same phone with the exact same software versions. Of course we have different apps installed. But his Google Photos works just fine

I would rather avoid resetting the phone if possible. I have some apps for work that are kind of painful to reinstall since I have to open a bunch of support tickets at work.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Boot into safe mode first to see if it's an app that's the problem. If it is, you're just going to have to bite the bullet and uninstall apps, one by one, until you find the one doing it. (Use Apk Extractor to extract the apks, so you don't have to download them all again.) If it's one of the "not from work" apps, you're okay. If uninstalling them doesn't do it, open a support ticket at work for "Google Photos stops working properly on an S7 due to one of these apps", and list all the work apps. They get paid to do the testing, so let them test. (No company should require, or even suggest, that you install an app they haven't thoroughly tested. I never did - in 46 years of software development.)


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Jun 28, 2018
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This has fixed mine, even after clearing system cache.

Go to:
Settings (widget symbol in upper right)

Apps (Default apps, App permissions)

Tap on the three-dot symbol on upper right of APPS menu

Select Show system apps

Select Media Storage

Long press on Media Storage

Press both Clear Data and Clear Cache

Clear Data will give you a big warning that application data will be permanently deleted. This is not deleting your photos and videos. It is only deleting how the apps find them. Once this is deleted the apps will start finding them again which is what resolves the problem.

Wait for apps to find all the photos and videos. You can use your phone during this time but it may take awhile until you see all your photos and Media.


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Nov 2, 2015
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The S7 Active update ROM for Oreo is botched. They obviously failed to fully test it before sending it out, which is why certain system functions and buttons don't work. The fixes can only be made via another OTA update and AT&T is just now learning about whatever problems there are with the update. I don't know if a full-reset would solve any of these critical defects and I wouldn't try it, but Samsung has also acknowledged that some of their core apps - like the Video one they offer in the Play/Galaxy store that is the new default video app on Galaxy phones - are not quite functional with 8.0 yet. One thing you need to do is disable Fast Charging, as the update has it enabled by default - it's not the same as the FC built into the hardware - and it's causing problems for many people. I got a nasty electrical discharge in my pants after I used it for the first time and have since disabled it to keep my phone from destroying itself or harming me.

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