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Feb 23, 2011
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anybody else ever experience that often times the phone doesn't wake up immediately when pressing the power button? it wil take a few presses before the screen actually turns on.

i came across something that might fix the problem. i was trying out SetCPU to try to save battery life when the phone is sleeping. after some time with it, i didn't really see the benefit at all with it when it comes to battery savings. the phone already throttles the CPU accordingly to load. with SetCPU, if i set the CPU speed at a maximum of ~450mhz and below when the phone is asleep, when the phone wakes up, there is a very perceptible lag in the interface for the first 3 seconds before the CPU throttling catches up. to me, this means that when a maximum CPU clock speed is set for a certain profile, such as sleeping, it takes a couple of seconds to get out of that profile when needed. the CPU can't just ramp up to speed instantly. it has to get out of the current profile first and switch to a profile that allows for full CPU speed. and i think this is the lag i was experiencing.

one time, i had SetCPU set to a maximum 216mhz when the phone is asleep, when i pressed the button to wake the phone up, the phone wouldn't turn on. at first i thought it was just the Atrix's wake up quirk but as it turned out, this was the first time the phone really won't turn on. i had to take out the battery to reboot it.

i don't have any technical knowledge about how CPU throttling works but this got me thinking that the Atrix firmware might be setting a profile with too low CPU speed during sleep. which is why it has a hard time waking up sometimes. i then used SetCPU to allow for a maximum of 716mhz during sleep. i have been using this setting for a couple of days now and i have not yet experienced the hard wake up again.

the battery life is unaffected since it is obvious, as indicated by SetCPU itself, that the phone throttles the CPU pretty effectively. the only time i think setting a sleep profile with a high maximum CPU will affect battery life dramatically is when a rogue app uses that high max CPU speed during standby.
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