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Problems with Android tablet screen. Can I get some help fixing it?


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Jun 21, 2015
Problems with Android tablet screen.

Having some problems with Android tablet screen.
it's a 10.1 inch model running Lollipop 5.1, Make: Tagital T10 Plus
At the top of the screen about 1 inch or so of it along width of screen, it is not responsive at all, any icons in that area clicked on will not work and also cannot pull down the notification bar.

Looking back I think there may be a possibility this prob was caused by a game which I previously installed (Not Installed any more), this game asked for screen calibration and did that by pressing on four points which appeared at the edge of the screen, but this never worked properly so I think this may possibly be the original cause.

I have looked in settings for screen calibration options but cannot find one, so kind of stumped what to do next, any ideas?
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Jul 14, 2011
Re: Problems with Android tablet screen.

It would help a lot to know which exact tablet you're using, but a game usually does that for its own settings, it shouldn't affect the rest of the system. But a few things you can try to determine if this isn't a hardware failure issue:
1) Do you have a case with magnets on it? Some tablets have wonky behavior with certain covers with wrongly-placed magnets.
2) Try to boot up your tablet in safe mode. This would prevent any 3rd party software from running at boot and can let you diagnose if there's anything causing the issue, softwarewise.
3) If you can enable Developer Mode in your Settings (I think by tapping the version number on your ABOUT settings a bunch of times or something like that) there's an option to draw touches on the screen. This would let you see if your tablet isn't really seeing the touch input or if there's something else blocking it.