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Nov 8, 2014
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I bought an LG G3 from Verizon about a month ago and I keep running into a few problems. My phone was rooted shortly after purchase using Towelroot and I have various tweaks from G3 Tweakbox and other rooted apps. Using Dalvik runtime with Nova prime launcher.

Low AnTuTu benchmark scores
When I first started encountering problems, I decided to see if it was a combination of apps and settings I had or if it was my phone. When I first ran AnTuTu(using ART runtime which I then learned does NOT play well with Verizon G3s) the score was about 23,xxx. When I ran it again(using Dalvik) I got a score of about 32,xxx. The latter score is a great score, it's just my friend who also has a G3(on Sprint) had scores in the 36,xxx. I was curious if this change is due to different user habits or our phones.

Text not appearing in text boxes
When typing a text message(both in the default messaging app and EvolveSMS) I have experienced that the predicted text bar will show my inputted text but the text box itself will not. It's frustrating to have to close the app and reopen it every time this happens.

Laggy typing
Sometimes it seems like the phone cant keep up with my typing and the text will show up a few seconds after it is inputted. This ends up with me having to go back and space words, fix punctuation, etc.

Screen not waking up
I'm pretty sure this is a user problem on my end as I read that the G3 does not wake upon notification(such as a new sms). I understand where the developers came from but I think there should be an option to wake the screen when a new notification arrives.

General camera
Let me start by saying the camera on the G3 is beautiful. I have learned though that the G3 does not like low light situations. There is so much noise that it isn't really worth taking a picture. As well, I have found that sometimes it has trouble focusing. I know advertisements are generally very misleading, but one of the reasons I bought the G3 is because I read about the gorgeous camera. I just didn't find the focusing speeds to be anything near the ones advertised.

Those are the ones off the top of my head I can think of, but I will update if anything else shows up.


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Jun 10, 2014
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Welcome to AC and the G3 forum.☺

Regarding the AnTuTu tests, the first I ran on my G3 gave me 31681, and the second a few weeks later 37101. This is with an unlocked D855-EUR v10l running Dalvik. There may have been an update between the two tests, I can't remember.

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Sep 4, 2009
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I haven't seen any issues with text in text boxes. A for keyboard lag, the stock keyboard is awful in that respect. Try using Swiftkey, or the Google keyboard.

I suspect the difference between your Antutu score and your friend's is within the margin of error. Benchmarks really aren't all that accurate measures of performance.

For waking up on SMS messages, look at alternate text messaging apps. There are quite a few in the play store, and I'm sure some of them offer that capability.

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