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Problems with screenshot after lollipop update


New member
Sep 25, 2015
Hello, I usually don't care about tech stuff but there are some problems with my device after the lollipop update. I'm new here and I've created an account just to post this.

So the main problem I'm having is screenshots.

I've searched all over the internet but none of the problems stated match mine. I've read that the S pen function is a little bit different after the update? But it doesn't concern me as much because I don't always use the S pen. What I've noticed is that sometimes my screenshot functions just stop completely and I always have to restart my device for it work again - and it's frustrating.

I can still screenshot using the home+power button, the palm swipe function, and the "screen write" function with the S pen. BUT, it all stops working after I take several screenshots to share on Whatsapp, other apps, etc. Let's say for example, on day 1 I had 2 screenshots with no problems, day 2 I had a screenshot with no problem, then on day 3 it all stops working. I can't use the home+power button, palm swipe won't work, and the "screen write" function won't work either. I found a way to get through it when I don't want to restart though, that is by using the "smart select" function with the S pen, but I don't like it very much because whenever I share it on other apps it always comes with a bunch of text coming from the image.

It's annoying because every 2~3 days I'd have to restart my device. I've never met with such frustrating problems with my gadgets that I'd have to resort to posting on a forum. :confused:

Does anyone have the same problem as me? How do you guys go about it? I just hope my problem is heard and it gets fixed the next update. ASAP.