Problems with "Voice Plus" App Choosing Right Phone Number


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Feb 28, 2011
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Short question - Any idea how I can force my phone to always use my Google Contacts unless it does not have a connection? I'm on an HTC Incredible.

Long explanation of my problem:

I'm using the Voice Plus for Google add-on because I have a handful of people I want to call with my carrier's phone number and everyone else I want to use Google Voice.

Here's the steps I followed:
Imported all contacts from phone and other places into Google Voice
Created a group called "Verizon_Calls" and dropped 10 people in.
Installed Voice Plus, unchecked "Main Number is Default", set "Dial by Groups", and set Verizon_Calls to "Main Group Name."

It worked for quite a while. Then one day it called one of the "Verizon_Calls" numbers using GV. After that it seemed to be confused on when to use "Verizon_Calls."

It almost seems like it is dialing using the contact on the phone and not the one in my Google account. I say this because if a person is in "Verizon_Calls" but is not in a contact on my phone they always work just fine.

Any ideas what could be wrong or how I can force my phone (HTC Incredible) to use my Google contacts by default?

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