Processor Change (Leaked info) - if proves true...I'm out...


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Sep 3, 2010
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So if the leaked info proves true, I can't imagine what (if any) of the other Tmo-specific revisions to the reference Galaxy S 2 would convince me to upgrade down this path.

A Qualcomm processor - even running at 1.5Ghz isn't going to be able to keep up with Exynos - I understand that what we're talking about it theoretical maximums - but the math doesn't lie. I can't imagine why Samsung, while being understandably forced into this decision as I'd be really surprised that the HSPA issue isn't the main factor - had to choose another processor - but to go Qualcomm over Tegra....not an option I'm willing to pursue.

Here are my primary concerns:

1. Performance - It's not going to be as fast as the other Galaxy S2's...why would I pay the same money for a worse phone. The bump in clock speed is an early indication that the architecture isn't as good (or we'd be seeing a 1:1 clock rate between CPU's - a 20% increase in clock probably brings it within the same range - but the 1.2 clocked Exynos could potentially be clocked higher - I haven't seen a qualcomm chip go much past 1.5 and stay happy)

2. Update Path - Yet another excuse for Samsung and Tmobile now to be slow on updates. Existing Vibrant and SGS4g owners will tell you that even with the same (basic) hardware across the board - both Samsung and Tmobile (who are both at fault equally now) - haven't been "good" about getting updates out in a timely manner. This only allows the two one more excuse to be behind the 8-ball and focus will surely be on the majority and not the minority (this isn't me blaming Samsung, it's just being realistic - you always pick the masses over the majority)

Hope this doesn't prove true - but if it does...I don't see any reason to pick the SGS 2 over even the Sensation 2 (or XE whatever it's called) or even waiting out the Nexus Prime. I'd half hoped that the delay would be so Tmobile would announce that they weren't going Galaxy S2 and indeed offering a Nexus Prime (directly rather than through retail only channel)- so this news is just disappointing.



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Apr 20, 2010
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While HTC is amazing at writing OS software (Sense), they are not so great when it comes to writing drivers and optimizing the hardware in their phones. This is actually where Samsung shines, and is the greatest benefit that TouchWiz has to offer. If history is any indication, Samsung will make the Qualcomm processors look a heck of a lot better than HTC has up until this point.

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