Project Fi Referral Program and Adding Group Plan


Nov 30, 2016
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My spouse is on Sprint and I'm on Fi. She's looking to make the switch to Fi and I would like to take advantage of the referral program.

They are offering a $20 to referrer and $20 to new member referral credit but this does not apply to adding someone to your group plan. In reading the Ts and Cs it only applies to a new Project Fi user who gets their own account separate from yours. They have to pay for 60 days and you don't get your $20 for referring them until they've been in for 30 days.

My approach is this:
My spouse starts up a new Fi account from the referral link I send her. We get our credit after 30 days and after 60 days I add her account to mine as a group plan. The ultimate net savings is $30 instead of $40 for the two of us and thereafter we pay $55/mo for the two of us...

Does that seem like a reasonable approach? Or any gotchas I'm missing?

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Jan 8, 2017
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Another idea is you could both Beyond Sprint you can switch to Sprint and receive $50 as American Express Visa card if she refers you and she will receive the same. So that's $100 instead of 20. I just don't think I can get my monthly phone bill to Google. They're doing too much but come in Monopoly even though I like the idea project file lot.