PSA: Do not recycle your fitbit until you receive your warranty replacement


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Apr 5, 2019
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Would appreciate any help on my situation.

3rd update: Contacted the fitbit support (again) and they say they have escalated once more to a higher tier. Contacted fitbit twitter which also claims that their higher support team is looking into this. For future updates, if you ever get in touch with someone named Da*** I, might be worth a shot trying to contact someone else.

2nd Update: When I asked fitbit to clarify the fact that I am out of pocket for my fitbit due to a mistake on their part they completely ignored my email and gave me the copy pasta bs about "not recycling it before you received"

1st update: I hate to beg for up votes but I would appreciate the visibility of this. Fitbit support has completely forsaken me. I followed everything they said and now they are refusing to send me a replacement. They said its impossible to issue a replacement unless they received the damaged fitbit.

/Back Story

That's right folks.

Do not. Don't recycle or dispose of your faulty fitbit until you actually received your warranty replacement. Story to follow.

My charge 3 had a problem so I contacted support and went through troubleshooting. Obviously it didn't work so I jumped through more hoops and a replacement order was made. Shortly after I received a confirmation.

You would assume all is well right? Wrong. I waited for almost a week for dispatch just to find out that my replacement was cancelled.

Back to fitbit support and only now do they tell me that they want me to send my faulty fitbit back to them. Problem is, I wasn't told about this during my prior communication with them. Being mindful of tech waste I have already chucked my faulty fitbit into electronics recycling. You see where I'm going with this?

Fitbit support then tries to insinuate that I was informed via email not to recycle until I received the replacement. This is obviously false. The email just provides a suggestion on what to do with your defective fitbit. After a long chat with the support staff they are now going to change the wording to make sure you don't dispose of it until you receive the replacement.

Now my fitbit is completely gone. Nada. They have however escalated this but I'm not sure how it'll turn out. Considering their sleep apnea promises have fallen flat so far as all.

TLDR. Fitbit issued me a replacement. They backtracked on it. Asked me to send the faulty unit back. I recycled mine. Now I'm stuck in limbo.

/End Backstory


Feb 23, 2011
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Welcome to the forums, but I wish it were under better circumstances.

Any time you are dealing with something like a warranty claim, you should never dispose of the defective device until everything is done. Manufacturers usually want their defective item back, so it should be common knowledge to hold on to it until given specific instruction on what to do with it and/or the case is officially closed.

We can discuss this until blue in the face, but if your goal is to hope Fitbit sees this, don't count on it. We are just a bunch of tech enthusiasts with no official ties with any manufacturer, and it's not likely Fitbit is keeping an eye on these forums to assist customers.


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Nov 27, 2015
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Yeah, Consumer 101 is never let anything defective out of your hands until you have the replacement in your other hand.

That's water under the bridge now.

How did you pay for the original device? Was it a credit or other payment card? You might have an avenue there to dispute the payment for the original device and at least get your money back. Unfortunately, that's going to take some more legwork on your part.