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Nov 21, 2014
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Very curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue, which has now brought up some other interesting issues:

coming from Note 3, use MS Exchange corporate email it's 2010. Worked great on Note3 would get emails on my phone at same time as my pc. Got the Note Edge on Monday and email is coming in slow if at all without me forcing it to sync. Then every once in a while it will push emails quickly, but then back to being 15 to 30 minutes behind if I don't force it to refresh. I have ensured that push is set, that sync is set both in the account settings and the general phone sync. I've done factory resets and removed the account and re-added it several times. Nothing has worked.

Now here's something weird that happened that makes me believe that a factory reset isn't deleting account info properly on this phone. I removed the account, cleared the email app cache etc. and then did a factory reset. When I set my account back up, instead of hitting manual setup, which is required for my account since it's not a domain account (it's webmail.sherweb2010.com not mycompany.com and therefore my username needs to be updated to my full email address), and somehow the account magically set itself up and started receiving and sending emails (not pushed at correct time though). When I looked at the exchange setup '
you can see that the generic webmail.domainlocalhost.com is selected as the exchange server....that can't be right since I'm at webmail.sherweb2010.com.

So, what in the world is happening here? Push emails working intermittently and somehow it remembers my exchange server address....something seems funky.


Nov 3, 2014
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Very similar problem as well. None of my email accounts were pushing emails and I had to sync manually even after changing the settings numerous times. I ended up deleting all of my accounts and adding them again and I'll see of that works.

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