QHSUSB_DLOAD After upgrading firmware (Bricked)


Jun 7, 2015
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Hello AndroidCentral. Today I was upgrading my phone's firmware since it was pretty outdated (I had 1.4.xxx firmware lol), so I downloaded a bunch of firmwares (See picture below) that were compatible with my phone (MID and CID), I installed each of them from the lowest version to the highest. Everything was going fine until I installed the 5.11.401.10 firmware, when I rebooted the phone the screen went completely black, I couldn't reboot it pressing Power + Vol up, plugging the phone into the charger didn't even light the red led and plugging it into my computer just displayed the device as QHSUSB_DLOAD in Window's Device Administrator.

These firmwares were downloaded from Android Revolution firmware collection.​

The first thing I did was search for a solution on the internet, I went to a bunch of threads in different forums from guys having the same problem (QHSUSB_DLOAD), but all of them said that they were using their phone and suddenly it powered off. The answers were something like "Your motherboard is dead, you need to take it to htc for them to repair it". I was getting scared when I read those answers, but the thing is that my phone didn't suddenly shut off when I was using it, and I don't think I damaged the motherboard changing the firmware so there's no reason for me to take it to repair (Also, there's no HTC service center in my city so I can't take it there either).

When I was flashing the firmwares I even checked in the .zips that they were compatible with my phone, and they all were, I don't know why the hell my phone got bricked.

My last hope is someone to answer this thread with a solution, otherwise I'm going to try to unbrick it with the HTC Unbrick project, will that work for me?

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.