Question about Android 9 and notifications

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Jun 24, 2023
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Yes, Yes, I am well aware it is an older version. However, I am curious about something. Recently I switched to my roommate's Galaxy S8 due to me losing my iphone in an Uber. While not a terrible phone and the experience is actually not half-bad, the one thing that annoys me is notifications.

I know on the later versions it is much easier to group notifications but I swear using my galaxy is tedious. Is there a way to properly group the notifcations by APP where they collapse together instead of having literally a whole window full of notificatiosn 1 by 1. It is a bit overwhelming to the point, i often miss notifications or have to spend a good minute trying to find what notification i am even looking for.

Or any steps to better organize the notifcaitons? I was thinking of maybe simply disabling push notifications and trying to set it up IOS style with a launcher and rely on the notification badges but to me that seems less intuitive as I do want push notifications and i would have to constantly keep going back home to see if i have a notification.

ANy help is appreciated

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