Questions Before Buying XZ1 Compact


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Jan 29, 2018
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I’m about to purchase a XZ1 Compact and have some questions before jumping onboard the Xperia bandwagon;

1a) The phone supports UMTS 1700/2100, Bands 4, 7, 13 and 66, all of which are what I need for Freedom Mobile (Wind) compatibility. As far as I know, LTE switching on the Freedom network is buggy unless the phone is flashed with the larger XZ1 firmware. Does this void warranty?

1b) If I receive an OTA update to Android 8.1 for the phone and it’s already had it’s firmware flashed, will I need to reflash the firmware from the XZ1?

1c) Does a factory reset also reset the flashed firmware?

1d) Any video tutorials on how to do this? Visual There’s this reddit thread: But an on-screen step-by-step would be best.

2) Does EIS still work in 3rd party camera apps like Camera FV-5? If so, is the quality in third party apps on par with Sony’s stock application?

3) Does the use of Nova Launcher allow me to swap app icons to stock Android icons?

4) With the nearing Mobile World Congress next month and some rumored devices, what is the chance of a XZ2 Compact being announced next month? I’m feeling like if I bite the bullet now and get the XZ1 Compact, I might regret if a successor was announced soon.

5) When connecting the phone to a Mac, does mounting the MicroSD card on Macs display it as an external drive or do I still have to use Android File Transfer?

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