Random thoughts on the first month with the Galaxy Watch 6


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Aug 5, 2019
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I have had my watch 6 for three and a half weeks now. I came from a Samsung Active 2, so that is the basis for my comparison. I had the smallest Active 2 and I have the smallest Watch 6. Neither are LTE.

Battery life is fine. I don’t see it as big improvement over the Active 2. However, my comparison is skewed since I have been using my watch 6 for sleep tracking. I have decided to forgo sleep tracking for awhile so that will give me a better comparison. On both watches I use the always on setting.

Display is an area where Watch 6 is an improvement. The display is just crisper. I do think the Active 2 had a more feminine look…which I like. I know the Watch 6model with the rotating bezel is very popular, but it is just too bulky looking for me. That is why I chose the smallest version without the physical bezel.

I like the upgraded Health monitoring. I have experimented with body composition and oxygen level. Watch 6 has ecg out of the box whereas Active 2 took months to get. I have some questions about sleep tracking accuracy and I see others have expressed the same concern. Perhaps a future update or some additional tinkering with settings will improve sleep tracking.

i see the watch 6 as a step up from the Active 2, but not a huge step. I say that in large part because the Active 2 was quite good. My motivation for upgrading was to get a newer watch that will have longer support and a new battery. The move from Tizen was another factor encouraging me to upgrade.

one small out of the box concern that I have with the Watch 6 is the color. I ordered the gold color, but I got the silver color. The packing slip says gold. After I got it I decided that I liked the silver. My only concern is that it points to a quality control issue…wrong color put in box. I didn’t contact Samsung about this but now it occurs to me that if I have a warranty issue the color might cause a problem.


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Feb 3, 2011
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If the box says it has a gold colored watch and the watch inside is silver, you might also have an issue with serial number match and other proofs of item that could impact warranty and/or repair. I would contact Samsung right away and get it straightened out.
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