Reboot Loop When Connecting to Home WiFi


Dec 11, 2014
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I posted this on the other thread, but then realized that the thread was for the Nexus. So I'm posting it here in hopes to get some help. I am having an issue with my Galaxy Note 3 for the last 3 days. I've been troubleshooting it myself and I have come up with the following things:

- It actually first happen to my wife's Galaxy S5 first. Started a reboot loop that made her phone unusable for 3 hours. I had her take the battery out for 30 minutes, then wipe the cache, but the only thing that fixed it was a factory reset. She did use the auto recovery (which may be why she has had the problem happen again).
- I was at work when hers did it, but later that evening when I got home and was going to bed, mine started doing the same thing, I have a Galaxy Note 3.
- I tried the same things, but only a factory reset fixed it.
- The next morning my phone locked up twice to the point that when I pressed the power button or home button to unlock the phone, nothing happened. It acted like the phone was turned off. The only thing that fixed it was holding the power button down for 10-15 seconds to restart it.
- After the two lock ups, the phone worked fine the rest of the day. I was connecting to all types of networks, T-Mobile data, WiFi's, and Bluetooth. No problems. When I got home later that day, I turned on the WiFi to connect to my home WiFi and almost immediately it started the reboot loop. I pulled the battery, powered on the phone and as soon as the WiFi indicator came on I turned off the WiFi. Doing that the phone stopped rebooting.

So I believe, my reboot loop is caused by my home WiFi. Weird because it doesn't not do it with other WiFi's (I have used 3 others during this time with no problems) and it just started out of the blue. I'm not sure what is going on, but any ideas would be appreciated.



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Dec 4, 2012
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Wow....this is the first I have ever heard of this. I would take a video of it. If you can get it to predictably do it multiple times, record it, and show it to your carrier.

From an AOSP M8

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