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Jul 16, 2019
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I've owned apple watches for quite a while. Started w. the original, then to the series 3, and unfortunately a new series 3 when I crushed the 'unbreakable' protective screen I'd added as well as the face itself while working. I like the watch very much WHEN IT WORKS. Unfortunately I've noticed a glitch or intentional manufacturer's bug. About once a month, maybe once every 2 months, I have to reset the watch completely because it stops charging on the POS magnetic charger.
As much as I like the watch, and despite my reluctance to waste a $300 piece of equipment, I'm looking for recommendations/feedback based ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE from Samsung watch users. I'm thinking of going w. a Galaxy, but I don't want to swap one set of problems for a different. If you've owned a Samsung watch and had issues, please share them. If you've owned and wore a Samsung watch for a while (preferably more than a few days), please share that as well. I'm looking for info on efficiency, connection to smart phones, email/text/alert relays and notifications, space, performance, fitness add-ons, etc.

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Mar 9, 2012
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I moved this from the Galaxy Gear forum (which is specifically for the Galaxy Gear watch) to the general Samsung Smartwatches forum.


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Apr 16, 2011
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What phone are you wanting to connect with the watch? Do you have an iPhone, Samsung, etc?

I've been using a Samsung Galaxy Sport watch for over 1 year now and it's been working great with my Samsung S10 phone and my previous LG G6 phone. I mainly use the watch for viewing and responding to notifications (text and emails), alarms, counting steps, checking heart rate. I've found this watch much more reliable than my previous Moto 360 watch. Battery life is great for me too at 2.5 days before I need a recharge. I'd definitely get another Samsung smart watch in the future.


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Aug 2, 2013
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I've had the gear s3 classic, Galaxy watch 46mm LTE, and now have the Galaxy watch active2 44mm LTE. My fiancee had the original Apple watch then the battery expanded and popped her screen out so apple replaced it with a Series 1. Then she got the Series 3 LTE, And now has the series 4 steel LTE. Before I had the gear s3 I had the Microsoft band 1 & 2. So I've seen a few smart watches. I'll be perfectly clear with you. From my experience the Apple watch is the best watch out there. I still think the Microsoft band 2 is the best software experience I had. The hardware had problems. But the Apple watch is top as far as 3rd party apps and having most things right. Getting back to your original question. I personally feel like either the Galaxy Watch or the Galaxy watch active2 is the best watch you can get for Android. I did have problems with the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy Watch while working out. It's a documented problem on these forums and was really bad. other then that it was a great watch. It has a bigger battery then most smartwatches. So I'd have no problem doing sleep tracking and charging it while I showered. I took it swimming and had no problems. It switched between bluetooth and wifi and LTE with no problems. I'd take it on long walks without my phone and have no issues with it. I don't know what email you have but the galaxy watches just got it really awesome Microsoft outlook app for the watch. As far as text and notifications I have never had a problem. I have 161 apps giving me notifications and don't have a problem recieving them. The galaxy Watch was a little bit bigger but I never had a problem with the size. I'd say I have medium sized wrist so it fits great. You can get tons of watch straps as it uses standard 22mm watch bands. Performance is good. I'd say it's about as good as apple watch but faster then wear watches. I've only had the Active2 for less than a week but I absolutely love it. it's closer in size to a apple watch. It hasn't had the heartrate problems the galaxy watch had and it's been great. Has a smaller battery then the galaxy watch but still better than apple watch. I've noticed that my fiancee Apple watch and my galaxy watch never measure miles the Same. for the 1st mile mine might go off first. then the 2nd mile my fiancee's is some how ahead of me. Then the 3rd mile she might be about .03 ahead of me then the 4th mile it might even be .05 even though we've been walking side by side the whole time. So I don't know which one is wonky but it's been that way with both galaxy watches. I haven't done much fitness add-ons just used the watch preloaded apps. Hope this isn't to long winded and it was helpful.


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Sep 16, 2012
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^ Similar experience. Both MS Band 1 and 2. Now have the Gear S3 and love the design. Love the rotating bezel. Not much of an app ***** so Tizen os does what I need it to. When this S3 ever dies, I'll look to replace it with another if I can find it, if not, I'll go a Galaxy Watch. I'm using a S10+ on Verizon and they work perfectly together.


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Aug 24, 2012
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I've had the gear S, gear s2, gear s3, galaxy watch and now the galaxy watch active 2.

Get the galaxy watch if you want super rugged. Get the watch active 2 if you want super sleek. don't download a bunch of 3rd party apps (there are 2 good golf apps). Use the stock watch faces. Use samsung health for fitness. Use the native messaging app. Do all of this and you will get excellent battery life and be very happy with notifications and messaging.

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